Monday, October 5, 2009

Microwave Scrambled Eggs

Being pregnant, I've been needing to increase my protein intake because I'm so hungry all the time. Especially in the morning. When I discovered this technique for making scrambled eggs in the microwave I was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised to discover that it works really well! And you can add some cheese to it too for a cheesy scrambled egg that hits the spot.

Perfect Microwave Eggs
by Ivory Soap on September 1, 2009

It’s not possible. I know. But trust me. It all works off that ‘eggs continue cooking after they leave the stove’ thing.
1. Place eggs in CERAMIC bowl and scramble well.
2. UNDERCOOK them. For my micky, it’s 30 seconds per egg.
This is too wet:

What you’re looking for is just before it permanently adheres to the sides of the bowl. Little sloshy puddle in the bottom. For me, it’s 30 seconds per egg.

3. Break it up and salt it. It looks like this:

See? Still a little wet. That’s intentional.

4. Let it sit to finish cooking. Stir a few times to coat. If it doesn’t set after a minute or two, pop it back in for, like, ten seconds…tops.
5. Serve
6. Rinse out the bowl before the remaining egg sheen turns to super glue.
(I would say “Waa-laa!” but the humorless French Police keep beating down the door to my inbox.)