Thursday, July 29, 2010

Balance, Compromise, and the Art of Letting Go

Since the arrival of Zoe, I have been delightfully surprised to find I have a lot of quiet time. Probably the most I've ever had. I wrote a post on my other blog about my recent discoveries about balance, compromise, and letting go that I thought was appropriate here as well. I use this blog to journey through the things I am learning as a homemaker and a mom who works, but my personality type tends toward all-or-nothing. So if I get excited about reducing chemical use, healthy snacks, or better ways to live, I usually try to implement them to the point of my detriment.

I'm learning to live in balance, people. So if I come across strong in what I write, be reassured that this is my place to explore. What I am actually able to implement may be a whole other ballgame. Oh, if I only had limitless time, energy, and resources! But since I don't, I lean on the One who does. And He leads me gently in a balanced way.