Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meal Planning

I'm a foodie. I love to watch the Food Network, talk about recipes, try new things, learn new techniques. But in searching for balance in my busy week I am finding that I'm going to have to do some dedicated meal planning or introduce a "day of the week" menu plan.

This epiphany came when at the end of a long week on Friday, I had to come home and yet again figure out what's for supper. And I realized that I would have to do this every day until I get too old to do it for myself. I got overwhelmed and made Kraft Dinner. (which for all of my preaching about homemade food, is one of my indulgences)

I floated the idea of a menu plan past my husband, something like: soup on Monday, beef on Tuesday, pork on Wednesday, etc. And we both like it because he likes to know what he's having ahead of time and I don't like having to make the decision every day. I love cooking new and interesting dishes but I'm going to have to save my culinary adventures for the weekend, when I can plan for it and take some time to enjoy it.

I'll let you know how it works out. I actually have to make the decisions now about what goes on each day first. ☺


Kim said...

I LOVE meal planning. It makes life so much easier. Once you start, you can "recycle" your weeks (or months) and it becomes so much simpler. Make sure to include days for leftovers. If you want to see how I meal plan, drop me and email!

RaNae said...

I have done this for years & absolutely <3 it. I built in a "new recipe" day when my kids were younger. It was a day that I had extra time.