Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Typical Weekend

What do you do on the weekends? Are they packed full of activities and shopping, and leave you just as exhausted on Monday morning as you were on Friday evening? Or are they peaceful, restorative, and fruitful?

Today I spent the morning catching up on and planning out our finances while Sabrina watched Anne of Green Gables movies. Then, after a lunch of yesterday's leftovers, I cleaned the bathroom while supervising her shower (she's learning how to wash her long hair on her own). While I got laundry going, I utilized Sabrina's skill at pulling things out of cupboards and had her clean out my kitchen pantry. She organized items into groups while I reorganized putting them back in. It looks fabulous and nothing falls out at me anymore when I open the door! I also know what to put on my grocery list for tomorrow.

Then while I prepared the lamb for my Make-Ahead Lamb Stew recipe, Sabrina played and read nearby, occasionally showing me her discoveries and singing me songs. When it came time to change the loads of laundry, she came with me and I taught her how to remove grease stains (her dad gives us lots of practice). While the stew was simmering, I decided to make a fresh batch of hummus and brown some meatballs to put in the crockpot tomorrow. Sabrina made the meatball mix all by herself, with my direction. She also helped me roll them, which went much faster! The hummus only took a couple of minutes to whirl up in the food processor, just the way I like it.

Why do I share this level of detail with you? Because I am very careful with the extra activities I allow into my time, I am able to spend quality time with my daughter teaching her things that will help her when she's on her own, make homemade food for my family, and devote the time and attention to my household that it needs. I still have another day yet to rest with my family, visit friends, and finish what couldn't be accomplished today. I can start my week refreshed and refueled, knowing that all is well at home.

What do we teach our children but our same chaotic habits when we do not stop long enough to evaluate what is really important to be investing our time in? Activities for children have their time and place, but they do not replace the one-on-one time of teaching and relationship-building that Sabrina and I had this weekend. Do you really need to go to the mall? WalMart? Or could you rearrange your cupboard and remind yourself of what you already have? Is your freezer full of convenience food? Do you eat out more than once a week? Do you despair over your grocery bill? Take some time on the weekend to plan meals and a grocery list that does not spend most of your budget on prepared items that you could easily and cheaply make at home.

Our week is busy enough without adding any more to it. I work full time as an accounting manager and Sabrina goes to school and before/after-school program. Corrie works a long day in his tow truck. The only times we ask ourselves "is there more to life than this?" is if we have wasted our precious free time on things that don't bear fruit. For each family, those things will be different. I challenge you today to take some time to evaluate yours and pursue the balance that you have been longing for.


Kristen said...

I really enjoyed this post Lisa. Since the holidays we too have been more focused on spending time relaxing as a family especially on the weekends. I have been very focused on making homemade meals from scratch and have found that we all seem a little more content. It's amazing how just slowing down and taking time with family and friends can leave us all so refreshed.
All my best,